Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gymnastics 101 - By Coach Jill

What happened to the "Perfect 10?"
If you catch gymnastics on TV, you will notice athletes getting scores like 14.65 & 12.7 - what happened to the "Perfect 10?" You can find a long explanation at the USA-Gymnastics website, but here's the short story:
1. The total score is the sum of two parts: a difficulty score and an execution score.
2. Difficulty score is calculated by adding the difficulty value (set by international rules) of the ten most difficult skills in the routine.
3. Execution score is calculated by subtracting points for errors such as bent knees, steps on landings, and falls. Judges start from a 10.0 and subtract for each error.
4. In theory, the new system rewards gymnasts for both risky skills and perfection. However, many critics say it puts too much emphasis on risky skills and doesn't reward beautiful gymnastics.
5. Only Olympic-level athletes use the new system; collegiate and Junior Olympics use the 10.0 system. Hope that helps de-mystify the scoring system!