Thursday, May 3, 2012

Altius Staff Member Profile: Brandon Robb

A popular presence at Altius is Brandon Robb, the dynamic head of the boys’ program and coordinator of special events and parties. He’s involved in some accounting for the business as well. He graduated with a degree in Accounting from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in December 2011. 

This big fan of the movie Die Hard says he’s been in gymnastics since he was born and considers the Pommel Horse his favorite event to compete in. He’s officially worked at Altius for 8 years and enjoys coaching Floor the best. Brandon is looking forward to this summer’s Olympic Games and believes Morgan Hamm is a great Olympic athlete. When he’s not at the gym, Brandon could be found eating pizza--his favorite food--watching the TV show How I Met Your Mother or playing what he describes as “way too many video games”. Brandon has a lot of fun with the kids he teaches, but everyone had better work hard because his biggest pet peeve is “lack of effort”.

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  1. Brandon can also be found eating pizza at the gym too! He considers his pizza diet a key element of his pommel horse training - really helps with the flares.